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All You Need to Know about Mature Skin Care

They say, “Getting older makes you more alive, more interesting, and more intelligent.” All this is true but unfortunately, our bodies begin to change too. As we grow older, our skin loses its elasticity and begins developing fine lines and wrinkles. You can’t stop time, however, you can build a solid anti-aging skincare routine that will help improve the appearance of any skin woes. For instance, using a product such as Advanced Formula Skin Perfecting Face Serum will help maintain a youthful and radiant-looking complexion.

Are you ready for an upgrade? Consider our four best anti-aging tips to incorporate into your skincare routine.

Avoid Harsh Cleansing Products

At the end of the day, it’s important that you remove any skin care products, natural skin oils, and makeup that you’ve applied during the day, as well as pollutants and bacteria that’s accumulated on your skin. For this, you’ll want to use a gentle cleanser to preserve your skin barrier. Cleansers with high PH and perfumed soaps leave your skin vulnerable and dehydrated.

Exfoliate your Skin Regularly

As you age, your skin slows down and does not replace aging skin cells as quickly. This makes your mature skin look dull and dry. Exfoliating regularly helps to get the dead cells from your skin. For best results use a physical exfoliant such as a bath scrubby or a soft sponge.


As you age your skin produces less sebum. No more acne, yay!

But wait, don’t get too excited. Less sebum means your skin will dry out easily. Inadequate skin hydration causes fine lines in your skin, but luckily, you can fix this with a good moisturizer. The best bet is a water-binding humectant such as glycerine. Vaseline also does wonders, but make sure your skin is clean to avoid trapping bacteria.

Use a Sunscreen

Protecting your skin from the sun’s UV rays is a surefire way of keeping your skin looking as young as possible. Always wear sun protective clothing like long-sleeve shirts, hats, and sunglasses, and avoid the middle day sun. You also need to use sunscreen every day, and not only on the beach.

Bottom Line

Wrinkles and fine lines appear on your mature skin largely due to damage. Understand that older skin is more fragile so you need to protect it. Avoid strong rubbing and tagging motion as you wash your face and use the pat motion to apply skin products.

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