Hand Knitted Bath Towels – (Buy 3)


Our hand knitted shower and bath scrubbies are excellent body shower aids that gently clean and help refine the skin.

The scrubbies leave your skin feeling clean and soft as it gently removes dead skin cells from the skin.


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Hand Knitted Bath Towels

Our Hand Knitted Bath Towels are excellent bath/shower towels that gently and naturally clean and exfoliate the skin. The bath towels leave your skin feeling soft and clean with every shower or bath. They gently remove dead skin cells from the body which helps to reveal smoother and softer skin with every bath or shower. 

Natural towels are excellent shower or bath aids if you suffer from body acne, experience a lot of sweating, or have tough and generally dry skin. Through daily exfoliating the skin through the use of bath towels, new skin is continuously exposed which helps to give you softer and smoother body skin.

The bath towel absorbs soap lather well, better than most towels, which helps to cleanse the skin and remove bacteria on the body’s skin. If you are prone to experiencing body soap or body odor, use the bath towel to thoroughly clean your body and pay attention to joint areas such as the armpits and groin area.

Natural fiber lasts very long which makes the bath towel very durable. It is very hygienic to have because it doesn’t harbor bacteria or encourage the growth of microbes. It also doesn’t tear or wear easily or become mushy over time.

Benefits of a Natural Bath Towel 

  1. Natural skin exfoliating and refining bath aid.
  2. Gentle enough for daily use 
  3. Allergen-free and germ-free making it suitable for sensitive skin. 
  4. Durable.

Directions for using the bath towel:

Rinse well after every bath/shower and allow to air dry. Use the bath towel to clean your body with water and soap and finish by applying the Anti-aging Body Oil – Pro-Skin for softer, smoother, and radiant body skin. This is a great body hygiene product for both women and men.

Ingredients; 100% acrylic yarn


By purchasing this product, you are supporting a community of elderly women from Bahati in Nakuru.

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